Review Fridays #7- Unfamous

Blog- Unfamous

By: Shakira “Scotty Unfamous” Scott

Protagonist, Rio Greene, is on a mission to become one of London’s social elite even though doing so will cost her everything— her self-worth and best friend included. Books 1 and 2 of Unfamous chronicle Greene’s first year at Brompton University (which would be much like the US’s Harvard or Yale, it seems).


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Editing- The Soul-Sucking-Liberating-Horrible-Amazing Process

I’m convinced that anyone can write. Anyone can sit down and scribble their thoughts across a sheet of paper. That’s the easy part. Maybe calling ourselves writers isn’t exactly accurate. A writer ought to be defined as anyone, anywhere with the ability to write words on paper (or a tablet or laptop or what have you). Maybe we should just call ourselves— the writers and authors of the world— masters of manipulation. (more…)

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Book Nerd Problems #5- When You Can’t Find a Bookmark

I have 30+ bookmarks. I’ve collected these bookmarks from various places including independent book sellers, this marvelous bookstore/café/tea bar/all around amazingness known as the Oxford Exchange where I live, friends, artists, festivals, etc. I have a special drawer for these bookmarks. Two drawers, actually. You get the point. And yet, when it comes time to put down my newly started book for the night (or day or mid-afternoon), I can’t seem to find one available. (more…)

Review Fridays #6- Tremors in the Universe

blog post- tremors in the universe

Author: Robert Lyman Baittie

This book is for everyone— the newly diagnosed patient with Parkinson’s, the family of the person with Parkinson’s, the person wondering about Parkinson’s, the person suffering from any chronic illness, the person looking for inspiration, and even the random Joe looking for a good book to read.


blog post- parents

Book Nerd Problems #4- Reading Life After Becoming a Parent

I’d heard people talk about how they “didn’t have time to read” after having kids, and I thought it was complete rubbish. How can one not have time to read? I wondered. Kids go to bed at what…8:00 at the latest? And don’t they take naps? And what about the stay-at-home parents whose kids are school age? They’ve got a fantastic 7 hours to read! I couldn’t understand what was so hard about making time for reading with children. I mean sure, maybe I wouldn’t be able to read in the middle of the day once I had kids, but I could certainly do so after my child went to bed. (more…)

I’ve Been Added to The Book Bloggers List!


Hi all! I’m so excited to be a part of this community. About a month ago, I was scouring the internet for other book bloggers to connect with, and I happened upon The Book Bloggers List website. It’s an incredible resource for people looking to find blogs about books. It’s also a great place for authors to find book bloggers willing to review their work.

After spending an embarrassing amount of time on the site combing through all the listings, I decided to see if I could get added to the list. I received an email on Monday that I had been added! This has already resulted in more traffic to my blog. I’m pretty excited! Check out The Book Bloggers List here.

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Book Nerd Problems #3- The love/hate relationship with the library

I love the library more than I hate it, of course. I’m even strongly considering a master’s degree in library science so I can make “the library” my life’s work. I love being surrounded by so many books, genres, and possibilities. I love the sense of community a library brings and all of the book clubs and writing clubs and Excel workshops the library provides. I take my son to the library to complete his homework, and then he and I partake in a little reading or coloring in a couple of cushy chairs that overlook the lake.

The problem is (more…)