5 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out Part 1: The Business Resume


In today’s ever changing and digitally powered job market, the resume you create might be the only tool you have to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. The face-to-face comes later standing out comes well before you ever reach the interview room. Though there is no handbook as to the right and wrong way to put together a resume, there are a few general standards to follow:

Nix the “objective”
The objective section might have been popular back in the stone ages, but today it is a waste of valuable space and completely unnecessary. If you are applying for multiple jobs at a time, failing to change the objective section to fit each individual job post might cost you the interview. Also, employers know your objective is to obtain the position applying for.  It is pretty much a given if they have your application in their hands. Better off to get rid of it all together.
Make sure you have a short profile 
And don’t call it profile. Also, make sure it is right after your heading. This is your opportunity to briefly touch on your qualifications for the position.  It is important to title your profile efficiently, but without being too specific.   Otherwise you might automatically eliminate yourself as a possible candidate for a position. For example, if you title your profile Administrative Assistant but are applying for a Billing Support posting, the hiring manager might automatically throw your resume to the side. You know you did billing as an admin in your last job, but the person looking at your resume has not idea. Instead, keep your profile open-ended. Market yourself as a Skilled Office Professional instead. This makes your resume a little more versatile, and you have a better chance of getting the call back.
Make sure the experience you relay is relevant 
Employers don’t care where you worked part-time when you were in high school or college unless it’s directly related to the position you are now trying to obtain. Make sure your job history is relevant to the position you are applying for. Tailor your resume so that the hiring manager can easily see why he/she should call you for an interview.
Post your education information 
Even if it is only a high school diploma. Most jobs require a high school diploma as a minimum qualification.  If you completed college or a certification program include that information in the last section of your resume.
Use key words 
Okay great, you are a “skilled” office professional, but how does the hiring manager know that? What makes you skilled? Make sure to explain exactly why you qualify as a person of skill, and then be prepared to explain yourself during your phone call or interview. Explain with key words, but remember to avoid getting too wordy.

Use these tips and you are sure to make your resume much more effective.


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