My BookRiot Quarterly Book Box is Here!

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To my fellow book lovers who haven’t discovered the BookRiot blog: now is the time. They have a slew of postings on everything “bookish” as they call it. Links to great information like writers that have published before they were 25 years old, fantastic libraries, book reviews, general bookish news, best books of the week, what their writers are reading, podcasts, etc., etc., etc is at your disposal. It is basically the blog to end all blogs for book lovers. If you want to completely distract yourself for hours, make sure to check it out soon.

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Another wonderful gem that BookRiot offers is a quarterly mailing. The mailing is usually themed and includes an array of items all related to reading. My sports loving, science spewing, athletic training major of a sister purchased this quarterly book box for me as a birthday gift. It arrived on my doorstep yesterday, and I am here to tell you that it is everything a book nerd could ask for.

From the “READ” bumper sticker (should it go on my car or my iPad cover? Decsions…) to the beautifully illustrated literary prints from Obvious State with quotes from famous authors to the free eBook, this box is amazing. One of the books, Peter Mendelsund’s What We See When We Read, even came tagged with sticky notes in the handwriting of the author. I know, I was almost brought to tears by the wondrous sight myself. I was immediately drawn to this item and, once I got over the general excitement, I sat down on my couch devouring the contents of this fully illustrated, beautiful piece of literature.

And you better believe I’ve got water in my “Read Harder” water bottle right now.

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What’s more, the folks at BookRiot take the time to include a letter discussing how each item relates to the theme (this time the theme was how books illuminate our lives). They also select a percentage of subscribers that will receive an extra little something in their box. I’m happy to say, I was one of the 20% of subscribers selected to receive an extra book. (!!)

The Quarterly box is aptly priced at $50, but the feeling you’ll get when you open it and unveil the contents is priceless. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to dive back into Peter Mendelsund’s world.

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