5 Gift-Books for your Book Lover

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One thing about readers is that they love getting books! The problem with buying books for readers though, is that the true written-word-nerd tends to be quite picky about things like editions, covers art, hardcover or softcover, etc., etc. It might deter many well-intentioned gifters from buying books for the book lover in their lives. Still, there are some books that transcend the problematic individuality of readers will (most likely) be loved by all readers.

1. The Art of the Handwritten Note

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Chances are the avid reader in your life takes pride in a quality handwritten note as well. Those that love the weighty feel of a book in hand know and appreciate the novelty that is the pen-to-paper letter or postcard. Help the world reclaim “civilized communication” and give this book (and maybe with a handwritten card?) to the reader you love.

2. Penguin Drop Caps

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Most readers love a book with great visual representation, and this little number will make any written-word-nerd giddy. Penguin has redesigned the covers of many classic novels with initials, which gives a personalized feel. A-Z, you’ll be sure to find the first name, or last name initial for your resident book-nerd.

3. Well-Read Women

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Who doesn’t love a well-read woman? Portraits of our favorite heroines like Daisy Buchanan or Anna Karenina are amongst the 50 watercolor renditions of our favorite fiction women. With these beautiful paintings alongside written descriptions, this book is sure to please any of the well-read woman in your life.

4. The Emily Dickinson Reader

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This one sounds like fun. Want a funny (sometimes naughty) rendition of each of Emily Dickinson’s 1789 poems? This is the perfect book. This book is sure to provide a little laughter and potentially a little blushing as well. Even if your reader isn’t a poetry fan, this book is a McSweeney publication so you can’t go wrong.

 5. A Passion for Books

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Within it’s covers, this book houses a collection of essays, stories, poems, anecdotes, quotations, cartoons, and more— all related to reading or the love of reading. Included are stories of fellow bibliomania sufferers and how they deal with trials like justifying a personal library (Umberto Eco) and the always problematic lending of books (Anatole Broyard).  Perfect for any book lover, this eclectic compilation will most likely be a favorite.

All of these will likely go on my wish list. Are there any other books you’d like to receive as a book lover?


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