Book Nerd Problems #6- When You Need to (insert chore/activity here) but the Book is too Good

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I once read a 3-book series in 6 days. Needless to say, I neglected all household (and even some work) duties. I just sat and read even though the television was on and a certain 7-year-old boy was running wildly through the house. I read anyway. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the world between the pages!

My newest problem is that I received 6 books for Christmas. All of them are on my TBR list (5 of them are signed copies!!!!) and of course, I don’t know where to start. When I do start though—and I will soon—all is lost once again for my household. I’ll probably neglect my domestic duties and forget that my husband needs a little attention now and then. I’ll definitely relinquish unnecessary conversation and introvert to the fullest. Pizza might make it to the table for dinner more than once that week. I’ll definitely hear annoyance in my son’s voice when he tries (4 times minimum) to get my attention to show me the newest level he reached in Super Mario Brothers.

And when I finish reading a book— which is that falsely hopeful moment that my husband thinks he’ll get a little reprieve— I’ll  have to tend to my reading hang over before I can move onto the next book. This will happen over and over again until I take a reading break (likely not anytime soon).

The beauty of getting lost in a book is that the dishes in the sink don’t bother me as much. My kid’s Wii U magically becomes less annoying. My husband’s television shows no longer drive me nuts. Between the pages I find solace, a little peace of mind. Sometimes this taste of serenity is so good that I forget to enter back into real life. My poor son thinks I like reading more than him sometimes, and my husband refuses to buy me books for holidays, because “[He] gets ignored when I’m reading”. (Just to be clear, I love my husband and son more than any book… I think. No just kidding. They come first) 🙂

This is the perpetual issue for us readers. Most of the time, there’s too much going on in life for me to read all day, and heaven forbid I squeeze a couple of pages in while sitting on the sidelines at basketball practice. I have no guilt in reading while the boys in my house partake in mindless television watching though. But I feel a book binge coming on so I’ll just have to make room on the couch for the mound of laundry that will surely pile up.

Do you find yourself in a state of reader’s binge? How do you handle it?

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