Review Fridays #9- Clash of the Couples

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Author(s)- “Some VERY Brave Men and Women” Editor- Crystal Ponti

While the cover may scare away more conservative readers (well… readers that wish to appear conservative, anyway) this might just be the Chicken Soup for the Hilarious, Long Standing, Tired Argument Between Couples. This collection of stories is very real and very relatable, which invites the reader right into its pages.

Editor, Crystal Ponti, carefully chose 45 stories from both male and female perspectives that, although all different in content, speak to the same theme— couples fight and then they get over it. Whether it’s writer, Andrew S. Delfino’s wife chastising him for yet another mishap, or writer, Ginny Marie’s dream of a mechanically inclined man turned upside down, anyone who has been in a relationship that surpassed the veiled “honeymoon phase” will be able to relate to these stories.

But it isn’t just the familiar tit for tat quarrels or the hilarious anecdotes or that crazy made-up verbiage like “whacktacular” that made this selection of stories so readable; it was the fact that in a social-media-filtered-picture-perfect world, these writers were willing to show their flaws, expose their vulnerabilities. What gets lost in this internet saturated society is that nothing is flawless (not even Beyoncé) and no relationship functions without it’s trials. Couples that have been together for years and have children and work and take care of a household will inevitably  get exhausted with each other and proceed in making an enormous deal out of who didn’t change the empty toilet paper roll. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. They’re still a team.

In her story, “How to Talk to a Man— Are You Listening to Me?”, writer Chris Carter says it best:

Don’t forget, it’s all about Constant. Conscious. Compromising.

After all, is compromise not at the heart of any longstanding endeavor? Clash of the Couples is a worthy read for anyone who has ever thought about engaging in a relationship (so, everyone) but especially for those whose relationships withstand the years and only grow in hilarity and ultimately, in closeness and love.


8 thoughts on “Review Fridays #9- Clash of the Couples”

  1. So glad you enjoyed the book. I had a great time reading everyone else’s stories, and I loved how almost all of the authors acknowledge that even though relationships can get messy, at the end of the day, we can still reconnect and appreciate each other.

  2. I love how you describe the book as “Chicken Soup for the Hilarious, Long Standing, Tired Argument Between Couples!” Thank you for your review. Now you’ll have to excuse me while I go put gas in the car, because my husband is not available! 😉

  3. Your review of the book is absolutely incredible! You describe it perfectly, and your support with promoting it means the world to all of us! A special *thank you* for not only getting it, but sharing the three C’s…

    That’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it? Constant. Conscious. Compromising!! 🙂

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