TLC Book Review: The Boy Who Loved Rain

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The Boy Who Loved RainAuthor: Gerard Kelly

If you want eloquent language and a host of characters all fighting their own demons while tangled into a web that eventually weaves them together, The Boy Who Loved Rain will not disappoint. This fiction work intuitively touches on many matters of the human condition—religion, belief, teenage woes, and deception with the ocean, in all its vast glory as the backdrop to each character’s struggle (and triumph).

Fiona is at her wit’s end with her 14-year-old son, Colom. His apathetic attitude toward life and violent mood swings have created a rift in her marriage, and against her husband’s wishes, Fiona seeks the aid of a friend. Miriam, who once helped Fiona as a young girl, brings to light a dark past and many secrets plaguing Fiona and Colom. What Miriam doesn’t expect, is that her own secrets are forced into the light as well.

At first, I thought I might be bored by the sheer amount of description in this novel, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Through his ability in creating incredible detail and a knack for evoking emotional response, author Gerard Kelly plunges the reader into the depths of each character’s minds and hearts, letting us only surface momentarily as new waves of revelation wash over us with each chapter. The Boy Who Loved Rain is rich in description, with each main character full and round. Kelly has an uncanny ability for metaphor and simile amongst other literary devices, and he uses them well, without taking away from the actual plot of the novel.

The subject matter of this novel, though deep and at times, painful doesn’t falter in morbid reflection, but rather, moves the story and each character forward. Kelly seamlessly moves from one character’s perspective to the next, while still mapping out a cohesive story line. I found it quite refreshing to be reading a well written work that brought to light controversial topics and themes like religion (and others but I don’t want to spoil the story!)

Separated into three parts, each section of the book illuminates the section that preceded it. Though not a thriller by genre, I found myself unable to put the book down at times, wanting to read into the next chapter or two because Kelly possesses an ability to add suspense at just the right time. What’s more, each character twists and turns in directions that aren’t immediately predictable, which adds a nice touch to an already well written novel.

My only complaint is that the novel ends on a bit of a fairy tale note (kind of, in a round-about way), but Kelly’s ability to create beautiful description and an addictive plot-line rich in heavy themes and complex characters makes this novel complete worth the read.

Gerard Kelly
Author Gerard Kelly. Photo Courtesy of TLC Book Tours



About the author- Gerard Kelly is a well-known speaker and author of fourteen books. He and his wife live and work in France and co-founded the Blessed Network, a movement of young leaders committed to God’s mission on mainland Europe.

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