Happy Birthday Flannery O’Connor!


Southern writer and essayist, Flannery O’Connor was born March 25, 1925. She’s considered one of the best short story writers of the 20th century, and she’s known for her unapologetic opinions. Her short stories have been studied in college classrooms for years. A southern writer, O’Connor’s settings are often in the rural south of which she is most familiar since she grew up in Georgia.

Here are some interesting tidbits about the author:

  1. When she was a teenager, she lost her father to lupus. She, too, died from lupus.
  2. She had some seriously famous friends— Fitzgerald, Robert Lowell, Caroline Gordon.
  3. She was a devout Catholic, and her work often included disdainful characters that were usually Protestant
  4. She didn’t care about what you or anyone else thought about her, and she wasn’t afraid to voice her opinions.
  5. A Prayer Journal is the recently published book that details the journal entries of Flannery O’Connor. I highly recommend it if you enjoy this author.  It even has a section that shows the journal entries in O’Connor’s handwriting!

flannery prayer journal

Some great quotes from the writer:

“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.”

“Everywhere I go, I’m asked if I think the universities stifle writers. My opinion is that they don’t stifle enough of them. There’s many a best seller that could have been prevented by a good teacher.”

“When in Rome, do as you done in Milledgeville.” (and any southern woman would!)

Have you read any of Flannery O’Connor’s work?

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