25 Poetry Prompts for National Poetry Month- Day 5

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Sometimes, organic inspiration fails to come when we need it, and we need a little assistance. Writing prompts come in handy for creating inspiration. Here are 25 writing prompts to help you on those days that need a little help.

  1. Use an apple as a metaphor
  2. Write about a dear friend
  3. Write about a memorable car ride
  4. Use the words “photo”, “candy”, and “harp” in your poem
  5. Write a haiku about leaves
  6. Write a poem about a made up location
  7. Construct a poem about silence
  8. Use “innocence to experience” as a theme in your poem
  9. Write about memories created in a specific room in your house
  10. An old book
  11. A past love interest
  12. Use the changing seasons as a metaphor
  13. Write a poem about cracks in a sidewalk
  14. Use this image in your poem: A bicycle laying in someones driveway
  15. Write about a time you went out to dinner with family
  16. Write a poem about some sort of collision- figurative or real
  17. A loss- whether you lost your keys, a good friend, a pet, or your mind
  18. A mundane, yet essential daily task or routine- find the beauty in it
  19. A work of art- many poets use a work of art as their inspiration
  20. Write a poem using the following images: a rusty car, a park, winter
  21. Write about a situation that you’re the objective perspective on— are an onlooker of this situation. Example: You’re watching a couple at a restaurant or you overhear a conversation at the airport
  22. Choose a color. Write about the images that color brings to mind
  23. Grab the nearest book, and go to page 52. Write down the first 10 words that catch your eye. Write a poem using at least half of those words
  24. Choose a poem, and then write a response to that poem in the form of a poem
  25. Go to NaPoWriMo’s site and use their prompt of the day.

Any prompts you’d like to add to the list?


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