Day 5’s prompt for National Poetry Month: An Aubade

If you are participating in National Poetry Month, NaPoWriMo‘s website is a great resource. Each day they feature a site, some helpful tools, and a writing prompt that you can choose to use… or not. Completely up to you. Yesterday’s prompt was to write an aubade, a morning poem, related to the Monday woes. I decided to share a famous aubade and also share that which I wrote for this prompt.

April Aubade

Worship this world of watercolor mood
in glass pagodas hung with veils of green
where diamonds jangle hymns within the blood
and sap ascends the steeple of the vein.

A saintly sparrow jargons madrigals
to waken dreamers in the milky dawn,
while tulips bow like a college of cardinals
before that papal paragon, the sun.

Christened in a spindrift of snowdrop stars,
where on pink-fluted feet the pigeons pass
and jonquils sprout like solomon’s metaphors,
my love and I go garlanded with grass.

Again we are deluded and infer
that somehow we are younger than we were.

Who better to showcase than Sylvia Plath?
Here’s my aubade:

Beachy Alarm

The alarm rings out a little beach tune
that makes me cringe rather than think of rolling waves.
I wish for two more hours in the darkness of my room,
rather than rising to meet the sun.

And anyway, no rolling waves adorn the space outside my windows.
No warm sand and screaming gulls greet me.
I am greeted, instead, by the happy snoring
of my husband, whose alarm will not sound for another hour.

Stupid… thinking steel drums and crashing waves
would put me in a good mood to sit in a cube
Smelling new carpet and Lysol
When I’d rather feel the sun on my face and hear the drums in the distance.

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