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Readers and writers, connect with your tribe! These podcasts are either on the subjects of reading and writing or hosted by writers! 

Dear Sugar

dear sugar

The advice-column-turned-podcast is hosted by none other than authors Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed. Much like a “Dear Abbey” newspaper column, the writers tackle the tough topics in letters from their listeners. From digital-age-love to writing to immigration to lying, these writers cover it all. And as if Almond and Strayed aren’t enough by themselves, they regularly call in other authors and experts including Elizabeth Gilbert, Dan Savage, and Roxane Gay.

Both authors share candid stories about their own lives in relation to the questions presented, giving the listener an intimate look into their realities. The podcast attempts to answer every question, “no matter how deep or dark — and offers radical empathy in return.”

What could be better than two authors giving life advice? Oh that’s right, nothing.

Magic Lessons

magic lessons

Fan favorite, Elizabeth Gilbert, has made her podcast debut. Gilbert recently penned a book on living the creative life in spite of fear. Big Magic is set to release on September 22nd.

But Gilbert felt like writing the book just wasn’t enough. As she states in the beginning of each episode, she knew she wasn’t done with the subject so she set out to get the inside scoop on the hangups real people deal with when it comes to living the creative life.

Gilbert speaks to writers, painters, musicians and more. She reigns in the advice from other accomplished creatives as well, giving the listeners multiple viewpoints on living the creative life. Upbeat and inspiring, this podcast is perfect for anyone looking to face their fears (and excuses) and create.

The Writer’s Almanac

the writers almanac

This little 5-minute podcast, narrated by the great Garrison Keillor, details the historical happenings of the day. Keillor shares facts about events across, author birthdays, and writer history and ends by reading a selected poem.

This podcast is the perfect start to any writer or reader’s day, and it’s short enough to play while you’re brushing your teeth! (I play it while putting on my makeup).

Dear Book Nerd

dear book nerd

Narrated by librarian and Book Riot’s own, Rita Meade, the Dear Book Nerd podcast covers every imaginable topic a book nerd might be interested in. Can’t seem to finish a book? Meade has an answer for that. Looking to read more diversely? She can recommend some books for you. Can’t decide if you should join a book club? Meade weighs in on the pros and cons.

Meade also brings in an author or expert to get their viewpoint on the letters’ subject matter as well. Guests have included author, Adam Silvera, literary agent, Brooks Sherman, and many more. The podcast lasts anywhere between half and hour to an hour or so.

What podcasts can you recommend for the fellow reader or writer?

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