If You Still Think “All Lives Matter,” You’re Missing the Point


I generally leave my personal feelings off this blog, but I can no longer be silent. 

My husband is college educated and also possesses training in a trade. Though only 5 feet 10 inches, he’s often mistaken for 6 feet or taller. He stands with authority, poise and confidence. His almond skin is complimented by green pool-like eyes. He’s never done drugs. When he meets with friends for drinks, he has one, maybe two beers and is home to his family by midnight at the latest.

Byron plays flag football on a men’s league. He’s a loving father and a supportive husband. We have been together for 11 years.

Sadly, I feel like I have to say all of this first. I feel like I have to defend the man that I know he is so the public doesn’t make assumptions about who he is.

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Today, My Heart Breaks for Charleston

Today, I sat at my desk and stared at my skin for a moment. My olive complexion raises no suspicions when I’m around others. I don’t know what its like to have to rush home before the sun sets, because I might be mistaken for a perpetrator or someone with malicious intent. In many ways, I’m naïve to the prejudices and dangers that people of color face on a daily basis. I’ve never experienced these things first hand, but I have witnessed the degradation and the pain that people of color have been subjected to. Continue reading “Today, My Heart Breaks for Charleston”

Happy 90th Anniversary to The Great Gatsby


BOOKS1Gatsby is, and will always be, my favorite classic. Actually, The Great Gatsby is probably my favorite book of all time. Today, along with Simon & Schuster, we celebrate it’s 90th anniversary.

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Obama Appoints James Patterson ‘Book Czar’ (Originally published on Shelf Awareness)

Ladies and Gentlemen! THE USA HAS A BOOK CZAR!!!

This information was originally published on Shelf Awareness, yesterday, April 1st. I do not own any rights to this information. I am simply sharing because this is enormous news to publishers and indie bookstores everywhere. Continue reading “Obama Appoints James Patterson ‘Book Czar’ (Originally published on Shelf Awareness)”