Modern Literary Ladies You Should Know About

We know the classics. The Jane Eyres and Daisy Buchanans and Lizzie Bennets of the literary world are old friends, read and reread until we can recite their lines and dissect their motives. We either love, hate, or love/hate them. But what about modern literary women? With all of the incredible literature out there today, it’s hard to get to know all the fabulous female protagonists. Continue reading “Modern Literary Ladies You Should Know About”

5 Gift-Books for your Book Lover

One thing about readers is that they love getting books! The problem with buying books for readers though, is that the true written-word-nerd tends to be quite picky about things like editions, covers art, hardcover or softcover, etc., etc. It might deter many well-intentioned gifters from buying books for the book lover in their lives. Still, there are some books that transcend the problematic individuality of readers will (most likely) be loved by all readers.

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Book Nerd Problems #2- When You Want to Break Up With a Book

Lately, I’ve been bypassing my extensive TBR list all together and opting for the this-cover-looks-good method at my local bookstore when choosing the next book I want to read. The last time I tried this it worked out really well, and I ended up with a memoir that I just couldn’t put down. (For any of you into memoir, I highly suggest A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah. You can read my review of it here.)
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Book nerd problems- Reading more than one book at a time

It happens to the best of us. We peruse our Goodreads TBR list or go to the shelves of unread books in our bookcases and carefully select the next text to read. We commit to said book wholeheartedly. We promise to take it with us everywhere and open it up every chance we get. We will read its pages with zeal and dedication.

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My BookRiot Quarterly Book Box is Here!

To my fellow book lovers who haven’t discovered the BookRiot blog: now is the time. They have a slew of postings on everything “bookish” as they call it. Links to great information like writers that have published before they were 25 years old, fantastic libraries, book reviews, general bookish news, best books of the week, what their writers are reading, podcasts, etc., etc., etc is at your disposal. It is basically the blog to end all blogs for book lovers. If you want to completely distract yourself for hours, make sure to check it out soon.
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Step Outside the Box: Books to Read from Around the World

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Literature from around the world opens our eyes to new styles, diverse cultures, and fresh perspective. These stories can make us feel uncomfortable as we delve into lives that do not resemble our own. On the contrary, literature from other parts of this earth can be a glaring testament to our similarities as human beings. Each protagonist struggles with the same life lessons we do– pride, familial relationships, fitting in, pain & suffering. Here are some thought-provoking, downright fantastic books to read from outside the American spectrum:
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