These 7 Practices Will Make You a Better Writer

Every writer has a certain methodology (or lack of) when it comes to their writing practice. I used to be of the David Foster Wallace variety— the kind with no specific writing practice. I only wrote when the urge hit. I realized this wasn’t going to sustain a long-time career, and my writing practice has recently become more regimented. I now write daily. I’ve not come to the point where I set a word count for the day or a specific time frame under which to work, but I do write daily.

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World Press Freedom Day: We Remember Fallen Journalists and Their Oath to Truth


Today, May 3, 2016, is the day we celebrate the right to freedom of press. Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to write for a living. When I was younger, I didn’t know what kind of writing I wanted to do. I thought fiction. Maybe poetry. When in college, I had to fill a few of my electives with some writing courses as obligated by the requirements of my degree. I chose journalism as one of those classes, and my life changed.

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On Writing Crap (aka the First Draft)

I want to open a dialogue about an idea that is both taboo and yet, spoken about over and over again in the writing community. It’s something every writer deals with. It’s something every writer fears and every reader loathes. 

Writing crap.

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Must-Subscribe-To Podcasts for Readers & Writers

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Day 5’s prompt for National Poetry Month: An Aubade

If you are participating in National Poetry Month, NaPoWriMo‘s website is a great resource. Each day they feature a site, some helpful tools, and a writing prompt that you can choose to use… or not. Completely up to you. Yesterday’s prompt was to write an aubade, a morning poem, related to the Monday woes. I decided to share a famous aubade and also share that which I wrote for this prompt. Continue reading “Day 5’s prompt for National Poetry Month: An Aubade”

25 Poetry Prompts for National Poetry Month- Day 5

Sometimes, organic inspiration fails to come when we need it, and we need a little assistance. Writing prompts come in handy for creating inspiration. Here are 25 writing prompts to help you on those days that need a little help. Continue reading “25 Poetry Prompts for National Poetry Month- Day 5”

The Haiku: National Poetry Month- Day 2

It’s Day 2 of National Poetry Month! Today, I thought I’d spotlight one of my favorite kinds of poems: the haiku.

What is a haiku?

The haiku is a Japanese poem that consists of 3 lines and 17 syllables. The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7, and the third line has 5. Traditional Haiku poems are generally about nature, but can always include a metaphor to a larger theme. Continue reading “The Haiku: National Poetry Month- Day 2”

10 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month 2015

National Poetry Month is upon us! How are you going to celebrate your favorite poets, pieces, or your own work? Endless possibilities abound!  Continue reading “10 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month 2015”

Editing- The Soul-Sucking-Liberating-Horrible-Amazing Process

I’m convinced that anyone can write. Anyone can sit down and scribble their thoughts across a sheet of paper. That’s the easy part. Maybe calling ourselves writers isn’t exactly accurate. A writer ought to be defined as anyone, anywhere with the ability to write words on paper (or a tablet or laptop or what have you). Maybe we should just call ourselves— the writers and authors of the world— masters of manipulation. Continue reading “Editing- The Soul-Sucking-Liberating-Horrible-Amazing Process”

The Power of Word Choice: Make Your Writing Grab Someone’s Attention

Words hold  much power, and when a writer writes, they often agonize about making the right word choice. A very sad girl doesn’t hit the stomach like a devastated girl would. Her green bedroom doesn’t evoke a picture in your mind like her sea foam, window-lined oasis does.

Word choice is much more than just choosing which word fits best in context. Word choice encompasses style, flow, and of course, creating the scene. Word choice can either contribute to passive voice, or make the writing explode with movement and color.
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