Press On, No Matter What

Recently, a family member sent me a text that stated she had come across a book I was published in back in 2002.  I haven’t seen or thought about that book in quite some time, but her text prompted me to go dig it out. I found my publication and reread it for the first time in at least 10 years. At the time of publication, I was just 16 years old. I had written this insightful poem threaded with fancy words and laced with extended metaphor. I found myself in a slight state of shock. How did I come up with this? How in the world did I have so much insight about this subject at 16 years old? 
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Consider Writing Your Story

I had always fancied myself a creator of characters so naturally, I chose fiction as my genre for my thesis in college. I had a story idea in my head. I had a fully fleshed out main character and a believable setting- or so I thought. I sat down to write a story about a character I’d created, and I lamented over every move. My pen got stuck when it should have been effortlessly (ha!) floating across the page, articulating scenes of great triumph and emotional connection and maybe even great pain. Instead, I stumbled over the smallest of details. My scenes were missing vital elements. My characters were flat. I couldn’t understand why. I felt defeated and started questioning my decision on being a writer.
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Quit Writing Crap: A Few Tips to Help You Hone Your Craft

Writing–like riding a bike or drawing– requires constant practice. The only way a writer gets better at his or her craft is through dedication. Here are 5 tips to help you hone your craft:
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5 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out Part 1: The Business Resume


In today’s ever changing and digitally powered job market, the resume you create might be the only tool you have to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. The face-to-face comes later standing out comes well before you ever reach the interview room. Though there is no handbook as to the right and wrong way to put together a resume, there are a few general standards to follow:
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Use this Tip to Make Your Writing Better

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Even the best writers know their craft can always improve. Whether you are creating a term paper or an article, this one simple tip could help you improve your writing. Tons of blogs and writing coaches have ideas to make your writing better– take out the inactive verbs, pay attention to syntax, use different verbiage etc. Well, the tip I am about to share with you has greatly improved my own writing, and it doesn’t require too much more effort:
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