Review Fridays #12- What Comes Next and How To Like It

What comes next coverAuthor: Abigail Thomas

This New York Times best-selling author gives a witty, honest, hopeful memoir on matters of the heart. From the loss of her husband to changes in her relationship with her best friend to her daughter’s illnessĀ and the death of her beloved dog, Thomas covers it all. Continue reading “Review Fridays #12- What Comes Next and How To Like It”

I’ve Been Added to The Book Bloggers List!


Hi all! I’m so excited to be a part of this community. About a month ago, I was scouring the internet for other book bloggers to connect with, and I happened upon The Book Bloggers List website. It’s an incredible resource for people looking to find blogs about books. It’s also a great place for authors to find book bloggers willing to review their work.

After spending an embarrassing amount of time on the site combing through all the listings, I decided to see if I could get added to the list. I received an email on Monday that I had been added! This has already resulted in more traffic to my blog. I’m pretty excited! Check out The Book Bloggers List here.