Review Fridays #1- A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier


A Long Way Gone

Book author- Ishmael Beah

The key to reading this book is to read it as the author wrote it- detached. He relives the scenes with incredible detail and imagery, but moves through them quickly so as not to dwell too much on what they entail. My suggestion is that the reader does the same. The pain is real. The scenes are graphic. The content is disturbing.
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Fun Finds for Reading & Writing Enthusiasts

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Multiple times throughout the day (more than I’d like to admit), I like to jump on social media and see what other people are looking at. I go to Twitter to find out what the people I follow are posting about. Usually I end up with about 464735 tabs open if I happen to be a t a desktop so I can look at all the cool links they’ve posted.┬áThen, I go to Facebook and look at their creepily accurate page suggestions. Nevertheless, I always find something exciting or interesting to look at. Below, you’ll find a compilation of informative, insightful, or just plain fun info that I found perusing the internet.
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