On Writing in Books and Why I Do It

I sit in my favorite gray and white chevron chair and, under the soft light of my reading lamp, flip through a book I had particularly enjoyed upon the first reading. That book, Purple Hibiscus, spoke to my soul, and I found myself furiously penning notes and ideas in the margins. Now, I sit rereading my notes, and nostalgia takes over. I find myself catapulted back to that first reading of Purple Hibiscus, the exhilaration when an idea was illuminated for me, the excited anticipation of finding a recurring symbol. Continue reading “On Writing in Books and Why I Do It”

That Time I Met Edwidge Danticat

If you aren’t familiar with the incredibly talented Haitian-American writer, well then let me just take a moment to introduce you to Edwidge Danticat.

She was born near Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in 1969 and was raised by her uncle until age 12 when she joined her parents in Brooklyn, New York. There, she learned English and continued her education. She had begun writing at the age of 9 while still in Haiti. Continue reading “That Time I Met Edwidge Danticat”

TLC Book Tour Review: Where Have I Been All My Life?

Blog-Where have I been all my life

Author: Cheryl Rice

I was thrilled the day TLC Book Tours contacted me to be a book tour host. The first book they offered me was Cheryl Rice’s Where Have I Been All My Life? and being quite intrigued by the synopsis of Rice’s memoir, I quickly agreed to review it. Continue reading “TLC Book Tour Review: Where Have I Been All My Life?”

Review Fridays #9- Clash of the Couples

blog- clash of the couples

Author(s)- “Some VERY Brave Men and Women” Editor- Crystal Ponti

While the cover may scare away more conservative readers (well… readers that wish to appear conservative, anyway) this might just be the Chicken Soup for the Hilarious, Long Standing, Tired Argument Between Couples. This collection of stories is very real and very relatable, which invites the reader right into its pages. Continue reading “Review Fridays #9- Clash of the Couples”

Happy (Belated) Birthday J.D. Salinger!

Just a special little birthday shout-out to one of my favorite authors, J.D. Salinger! His birthday was actually yesterday, January 1st, but  I thought he deserved a little late recognition anyway. I could read from the perspective of the beloved Holden Caulfield any day. While listening to my The Writer’s Almanac podcast, I learned that Catcher in the Rye is still the 2nd most taught book in American high schools, and also remains the most challenged novel. Continue reading “Happy (Belated) Birthday J.D. Salinger!”

Book Nerd Problems #6- When You Need to (insert chore/activity here) but the Book is too Good

I once read a 3-book series in 6 days. Needless to say, I neglected all household (and even some work) duties. I just sat and read even though the television was on and a certain 7-year-old boy was running wildly through the house. I read anyway. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the world between the pages! Continue reading “Book Nerd Problems #6- When You Need to (insert chore/activity here) but the Book is too Good”

Book Nerd Problems #5- When You Can’t Find a Bookmark

I have 30+ bookmarks. I’ve collected these bookmarks from various places including independent book sellers, this marvelous bookstore/café/tea bar/all around amazingness known as the Oxford Exchange where I live, friends, artists, festivals, etc. I have a special drawer for these bookmarks. Two drawers, actually. You get the point. And yet, when it comes time to put down my newly started book for the night (or day or mid-afternoon), I can’t seem to find one available. Continue reading “Book Nerd Problems #5- When You Can’t Find a Bookmark”

Review Fridays #6- Tremors in the Universe

blog post- tremors in the universe

Author: Robert Lyman Baittie

This book is for everyone— the newly diagnosed patient with Parkinson’s, the family of the person with Parkinson’s, the person wondering about Parkinson’s, the person suffering from any chronic illness, the person looking for inspiration, and even the random Joe looking for a good book to read.

Continue reading “Review Fridays #6- Tremors in the Universe”

Book Nerd Problems #4- Reading Life After Becoming a Parent

I’d heard people talk about how they “didn’t have time to read” after having kids, and I thought it was complete rubbish. How can one not have time to read? I wondered. Kids go to bed at what…8:00 at the latest? And don’t they take naps? And what about the stay-at-home parents whose kids are school age? They’ve got a fantastic 7 hours to read! I couldn’t understand what was so hard about making time for reading with children. I mean sure, maybe I wouldn’t be able to read in the middle of the day once I had kids, but I could certainly do so after my child went to bed. Continue reading “Book Nerd Problems #4- Reading Life After Becoming a Parent”

Book Nerd Problems #3- The love/hate relationship with the library

I love the library more than I hate it, of course. I’m even strongly considering a master’s degree in library science so I can make “the library” my life’s work. I love being surrounded by so many books, genres, and possibilities. I love the sense of community a library brings and all of the book clubs and writing clubs and Excel workshops the library provides. I take my son to the library to complete his homework, and then he and I partake in a little reading or coloring in a couple of cushy chairs that overlook the lake.

The problem is Continue reading “Book Nerd Problems #3- The love/hate relationship with the library”